Dolphin therapy in Thailand. Pattaya.

What is Thailand for you? Ancient culture. Exotic food. Enlightened Buddha. Fabulous beaches. The endless space of the ocean. The virgin world of the jungle. Rest and relaxation. Or maybe you will be interested in rehabilitation tourism?

What is it like rehabilitation surrounded by picturesque tropical palm trees, beaches with crystal clear water and soft white sand, with the most incredible sunsets and sunrises in the world, unusually friendly local people? It turns out that all this sets the person in a positive way in the most favorable way and helps to relax. This is what is indispensable in rehabilitation. It is on this that the rehabilitation system in Pattaya, the world famous resort on the mainland coast of Thailand, is based.

Pattaya offers a wide range of rehabilitation services, including rehabilitation after orthopedic injuries, injuries of the musculoskeletal system, and neurological rehabilitation. In clinics, physiotherapeutic procedures, traditional acupuncture, ergotherapy, laser and shock wave therapy are used for this. And of course, the relaxing power of the surrounding virgin nature will benefit, mixed Eastern practices with Western healing techniques are dosed.

Everything is at your service in Pattaya!

But there is another amazing opportunity in Pattaya (Thailand) - rehabilitation dolphin therapy in the world famous NEMO Dolphinarium!

Swimming with dolphins creates peace in the soul, gives rise to joy in the heart, increases interest in the outside world, strengthens the immune system, improves attention, raises awareness and self-confidence, develops a sense of compassion, empathy, and positively affects relationships with people. A special subtle connection arises between the patient and the dolphin, full of sympathy, appreciation and reverence. These pure, natural, touching relationships give rise to the joy and peace in your soul, so necessary for you to restore your strength.

After dolphin therapy, children with disabilities begin to learn faster, seek to learn the world, opening up to meet it.

Dolphin therapy is well combined with medical and physiotherapeutic treatment, it is combined, combined with other rehabilitation methods, which creates a synergistic effect, that is, a multiple increase in positive effects, effects, multiplication of one factor by another.

Discover the healing world of dolphin therapy at NEMO Dolphinarium in Thailand!

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