About dolphin therapy center

The dolphin therapy center in Pattaya is the first establishment in South-East Asia to offer therapeutic sessions with dolphins for children with developmental disorders. Dolphin therapy in Thailand allows to combine a vacation at a comfortable resort with effective treatment.

The dolphinarium in Pattaya was opened in 2018. It represents a modern complex consisting of two swimming pools. This dolphinarium was designed in accordance with international standards on the maintenance of marine mammals, and it provides a comfortable habitat for our charges. Dolphin therapy sessions are held in a separate swimming pool that has all conditions for the comfort of children and their parents. Dolphins participating in therapeutic sessions are trained according to special methods and adapted to work with children. The sessions are conducted by experienced psychologists working at Nemo dolphinariums. Our psychologists will develop an individual session program for every child considering the child’s age and development specifics.

Our Nemo dolphinarium chain guarantees the quality of services we provide. The parents could rest assured that their child is in the hands of true professionals and that all sessions are held in accordance with uniform standards.

Our therapy helped thousands of children take their first steps, pronounce new words and change.

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